Collective Health

All health is collective.Every move you make, every food you eat, every substance you put on or in your body has a  collective effect on your health. It is never too early to start planning and implementing measures for good health and wellness. All food that has ever gone in your body has a positive or negative impact on your health. Heart disease starts early and the damage collects in the blood vessels throughout the rest of your body as well. As an example , look at all the recent evidence about concussions and head injuries . It is found to be from repeated injuries and sub clinical damage from youth sports on up, ( not just football) not only one massive concussion .  Our lifestyle affects our health in every way.  Radiation,  sun damage,  drugs, pesticides, bpas,most anything we do or put in our body has a collective effect. We are only recently understanding the cumulative effect of our diet and lifestyle from childhood all the way to adulthood.  Damage begins early in infancy. We used to think kids have time to enjoy their nutritional youth and not worry until middle age. Let teenagers be teenagers. Eat pizza , donuts, hot dogs. Enjoy the happy meal and happy times while we are young and naive, but we now know with certainty that what we eat starting in infancy collects in all of our organs and system impacting health at every stage of our youth, adulthood, and old age. Research has shown damage is done and visually documented by 1 year of age. Clogging of your child’s arteries throughout their body starts almost immediately. Yes you can improve this as they grow and make amends at any age, but nothing is completely repairable. Start early , be relentless, make health – from the get go a priority. Not just a food or exercise fad,  but honest to goodness nutritional and movement excellence for your child. They might not thank you ever, but it will make over 80 % of the diseases they will be facing a lot less likely and push some of the most common life altering diseases off until old age. If you want to contribute to the most important part of your child’s life, pay attention to their nutritional health. If you want them to be healthy, wealthy, and wise -encourage them to be fit, to exercise, to move , and find what moves them. Everything you put in their body leaves an imprint, leaves a trace, good or bad. Simple math , if it has negative nutritional content ,it will have a negative long lasting and collective impact on your body, your well being, and your health. Poor lifestyle will lead to early disease, and suffering. Is this the legacy you want to leave for your children? Your health and theirs, is at stake with these choices. This is where you make your stand, draw your line in the sand. This is the most important thing you can do for your children. If you leave them one thing, one legacy , leave then a healthy lifestyle.