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I have been a board certified Pediatrician for 26 years. I have tried to include health and nutrition into my practice on a regular basis. Being a healthy Vegan  patients often want to understand the relationship between the food they eat and give their children and maximizing health. These concerns are often brought up in the face of illness with the desire to  help their children  become healthier. Because I have a Concierge style Pediatric practice I can spend the time discussing nutrition and its relationship to health. For more information about my practice you can visit KrantzCare.com. I believe lifestyle is crucial to both your health and that of your growing child. People often use me as a resource for this information and I would like “HealthfulMD” to be an additional destination for sharing this advice .

Healthful MD is the art of practicing good health. Not just being healthy which is your status at any one moment, but how you live, how you breath, how your health affects everyone else, and how your health affects the world. Healthful is a verb – its the work of attaining health , the evolution , the struggle, the collective effect it has on your life, your children, and place to live in this world. Being healthful is being mindful of how your effort to practice good health starts with what’s on your fork but has an influence well beyond …

This series of blogs and articles  of  “Healthful MD” will involve our health and our world. How we can be healthier and at the same time make the world a better place just by that simple act of making healthier safer choices. Never losing sight of the connection of our personal health choices to those of the earth and conservation. We are inextricably linked with the health of the world. If we do nothing more than become healthier ourselves and for our families this will have a global impact as well. “Small important health decisions can have lasting impact on our planet”.

HealthfulMD Inc. – guidance and advocacy for today’s health conscious world . Our goal is to integrate a healthful approach to all aspects of personal, medical, corporate, and business life.

Our staff is dedicated to bring health and wellness expertise through consults, analysis, guidance, education, evaluation, and coaching.

Tito El Tiburon our mascot character is our Healthful-shark. For fun and fitness for children Tito is an exershark who teaches children how to be healthy. 

For purchase: T shirt and character.