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Guide to stress and worry : 15 helpful suggestions

Guide to worry-

My top suggestions for a mindful approach to defuse stress and worry .

Ideas and suggestions I have encountered and adapted through the years in one place ..

As you age you realize that many of those quaint trite sayings you mocked as a kid for being simplistic have actually been cultivated by insightful people in similar situations. They are common to the human condition and apply universally to most of us in so many ways .

                              “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing

                                  is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert                                Einstein

1.The serenity prayer. You might say this is where it all begins for most of us on our                     search for peace of mind. It has been a cultural go-to quote for times of stress and                   when we are stuck for centuries. A sort of approachable  Zen answer to the                                 dilemma of how to change the world…. is to change yourself first. “It’s not the                           stressed and difficult times in your life that cause you pain and suffering it is how                     you react to them”.

                “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change . Courage to                         change the things I can . And the Wisdom to know the difference”.

  1.  10,000 feet- any time you are stuck and feel like you cannot go on or have not moved forward whether it be an illness, job, studying, etc. imagine you are looking at your life from a 10,000 foot view. As though you have made it to the top of the mountain and see clearer where you have been where you are, your relationship to your life and where you are going .Always good to give yourself perspective, seeing where you are and how far you have come. Your current situation looks smaller and minuscule compared to your whole life and the world in general. Then as they say your problems related to the world do not add up to a molehill.
  1. Look up , the sky is blue- most of us just look down or only see what is immediately in front of us. We never look at the great expanse of opportunities and wonderment beyond our immediate surroundings, especially when we are trapped/obsessed in stress and worry . But you can always look up into the infinite to see the beauty beyond where you are. It is limitless and exhilarating to look up to the tops of the trees, the green all around, the birds flying, the clouds passing by, and the vast expanse of it all. Always changing , moving in the midst of when we are fixated on our worry- just look up – the possibilities are always there. The rain will pass, the storm will move on and the sky is always blue underneath the clouds.
  1. I have done this 1,000 times and in more difficult circumstances and survived. Just think back to all the times of your life that you had complete fear and panic regarding some terrifying situation and you survived. Always being worried that something is going to turn out terrible whether it be a test, medical result, job interview, public speaking, etc. You also realize if you pay attention you realize  that not only have you been able to deal with any worry, event, or difficulty, you actually faced previous adversity successfully and survived better than you expected. Just make sure you do not get too complacent with this tactic. You still have to deal with difficulties but you know that you can handle it not ignore it.
  1. Worrying does not help and in fact Is counterproductive. Things are usually not as bad as you think. Your ideas compared to others may be good, But  you feel you have to be perfect; perfection is not the goal ,  growing, expanding is the goal Always move forward, perfection keeps you stuck since it is unattainable, like they say “it’s the journey” which means it is a process and not perfection as long as you will keep moving forward and learn along the way.
  2. Test yourself -keep a worry log. See how accurate your judgments, assessments, worries are and how they turn out moment to moment, ( mindfulness) and overall. Usually you are wrong. Your level of anxiety and worry distorts your viewpoint out of proportion with your concern.When you keep track you will realize that your perceptions are not reality. You have mostly worried for nothing. Even in the worst of times you can only die once but with worry you cause yourself a million deaths .            
  3.  Who and what are your gurus- suffering and struggle are the best teachers.Lean in  to the difficulties .Breathe and face your demons. What situations and which                  people stress you out the most?. These difficult things are your gurus- learning              experiences. Face them and use then to make you stronger.
  4. Meditate, breathe in and out.Count to ten- slowly then backwards.Find your breath- hands on tummy, finger right over your nostril, blow out slowly. Rapid panting breath or fast fire breath- like a mom breathing in a Lamaze class. All quick breathing and mediation shortcuts to diffuse anxiety. Meditation using visualization – some of your best calming situations to go to .Go to your favorite places. Real or imaginary.Turn off all devices, all media, all TV. “BE” with yourself. But go there. A place in the house that brings you peace. A library. Waterfront. Mountain.
  1. Exercise – when compared to drugs for anxiety and depression is truly a better medicine. Push your workout until you feel the endorphins. You get a sense of well being from consistent exercise. Follow your breathing when you exercise not your pulse. You will notice when you are out of breath and can push a little more.
  1. Babies are the best medicine. In my line of work it is easy.  I could be in a terrible mood but all I need is one baby to smile at me and make a cooing sound and I am toast. Impossible to be in a bad mood around a little munchkin who is completely oblivious to  your stress or worry. That is the moment  you need to be in. Make a baby smile and laugh and you have no choice. As so many self-help gurus like to say we are born innocent and in the moment. Just observe children play with abandon and free of worry. Well play with babies and children and let them be your guide.

12.Find humor in any situation.Everything is an opportunity to be funny and find                         humor. The more stressful the more ridiculous the angrier , more frustrate,  the more             you need to turn it around. Observing humans acting badly has always been a staple             of the best comedians and jokes. if you step out of the situation the humor is there.                 Think Jerry , Richard, George, and Chris. What would they do ? When you are in a                    bind, in a fit of anger, in the middle of a difficult situation – say to yourself what                          would Jerry do. Write it down and try to make a joke out of it. It only has to be funny              to you. That is what counts. If it is really funny well you just started a comedic career.

           Hold in that laugh! Have you ever been in a situation particularly with a friend where              you found something ridiculous and funny but you could not laugh. In class, police                  pull over, airport-TSA line, etc.. Well think of something really ridiculous and try to                   hold in a laugh . The more you try to hold it in the more  you want to laugh and                        finally burst out with tears from trying to hold it in so hard.  You will stop your worry                and the problem will look less threatening while you are trying not to laugh.

  1. Put on your silly shoes. Silly clothes. Dance sing . Be a rock star. Lighten up . It’s only one moment in your life . Do you even remember the things that worried you when you were 5? Don’t take it so seriously.

14.Get help from your furry friend– hard to be angry around babies and your favorite               dog. All those silly cute pet YouTube videos are downloaded by the millions for a                       reason. Put peanut butter or your dog’s favorite treat on your nose. Let’s see what                   happens? Try staring into your dog’s eyes . They say you both get a surge of                                 oxytocin a calming and happy hormone  .

     15. Inspiration from others, from prayer, religious teachings or those who have been                  through far worse like Anne Frank. If they can go through all they did and be                                inspiring we can learn to as well.

                       “I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are                           really good at heart” – Anne Frank

                        “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting                             to improve the world.” “It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my                                ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. “Think of                              all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” Anne FrankT

Warren Krantz MD


Getting to sleep


Simple and natural methods for getting to sleep.

Symptom: not being able to fall asleep or getting back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night.

This section is not considered part of sleep training for infants and toddlers – that is covered under behavioral issues.

[As with any guidance please consult your physician or child’s Pediatrician before beginning any treatments whether it be natural, holistic, homeopathic, or supplements.]

Natural treatments and lifestyle changes that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer are divided into behavioral or habits, food and meals, exercise, stress reduction, natural remedies.

Basic sleep schedule – consistency of bedtime. Make a bedtime routine for any age. give yourself time to wind down. Warm bath.  Quiet time. No distractions . Peaceful fun and games.  Reading. And any brain activity that is distracting and calming but not over stimulating to the body or mind.

One of errors people make when they do not get enough sleep at night whether it be by choice staying up late or a sleepless night is to sleep in,  later. While it may seem like a good idea to help you catch up with your sleep, the overall effect is to change your natural circadian rhythm. This would have a negative overall impact on sleep and restfulness. If nothing else staying up late and sleeping in just reinforces the poor sleep pattern rather than your natural sleep cycle.

Rather than staying up late and waking up late, turn it around. Start waking up with the sunrise and stay awake until you create a new reasonable bedtime in order to get 7- 8 hours before the next day’s sunrise. This will tune your body and mind into daylight and reset your circadian rhythm. This process actually  keeps you healthy , your immune system functioning at it’s peak, your brain focused and you feel less stress.

Psychological and stress reduction .

Calming yoga and meditation including visualization, corpse pose, mindfulness meditation

Reading, writing, art, music- listening to classical music has been shown to calm your brain waves. Activities with a lot of repetition will have a calming effect on your brain( like knitting).

Food that help calm and elicit melatonin

Dark cherries, tart cherry juice.

Good hard fermented cheese  ( for those non vegan)

Foods with tryptophan- nuts(walnuts), bananas

Magnesium from nuts and seeds

B6 foods aide in melatonin production Pistachio nuts and garlic , banana are B6 rich

Potassium rich foods also help in muscle relaxation. Citrus,dates and figs,tomatoes.


Lettuce leaf – eat a bunch shredded in salad sandwich wheat multigrain seed rich bread.

Easiest and best choice-lettuce tea. Use  romaine ,  2 – 4 large leaves to 6-8 ounces of water steep in boiled water for 15-20 minutes . drink cup of that. For infants a teaspoon or 2

Herbs and essential oils:

lemon balm. Lavender oil, candles, incense, put oil on your pillow.

Saffron oil or in food. . Valerian calming for stress- coming in tea, supplements.

Can put a few drops on your pillow. Light a candle or use essential oils in your bath .


Lettuce tea- see above

Chamomile tea – decaf

Lavender tea

Passionfruit tea


Lemon balm with lemon grass

Exercise regularly – aerobic and especially anaerobic like weight lifting should be earlier in the day. . Yoga is a good winding down exercise as is a slow swim.


White noise

Noise machine, soft music, waves.

Rotating fan

Staying fit and healthy with good air circulation is very crucial to getting a good night’s sleep.

Please as with all information check with your physician to assure your poor sleep is not medically related.

Warren Krantz MD