HealthfulMD Inc.

HealthfulMD Inc. – guidance and advocacy for today’s health conscious world . Our goal is to integrate a healthful approach to all aspects of personal, medical, corporate, and business life.

We bring health and wellness expertise through consults, analysis, guidance, education, evaluation, and coaching.

Healthful MD  all access program:

Including engagement through Text,email,skype, whatsapp and facetime video Consultations.

Concierge Health programs with consultations, coaching, and guidance for your convenience to assist with weight management, disease management, and health improvement.

Business and corporate concierge liaison , with health coaching, creative healthful direction, group and team approach to healthier staff and products.

Website and blog for guidance and information for the most common natural treatments

Portal for registered participants to have easy access to tools.

HealthfulMD seal of approval for healthy ingredients that improve health.

Family health and wellness

Emphasis and natural disease prevention and healthy weight.

Eating out, eating in

Food shopping for health. We can do the healthful shopping

How to cook healthfully.

Product guidance – shopping list what to buy.

Exercise advice

Stress reduction with meditation , yoga, mindfulness.

Medical- Pediatric

Wellness component for practices and any medical and insurance entity.

Coaching for disease ..weight loss . Lifestyle.change

Portal and telehealth component for access and consultations to add into a practice

Physician practice – add a healthful component by attaching a link to our portal for a wellness aspect.

Insurance company’s and subsidiaries  wellness portal and support system

Corporate – make your company healthful

Change the corporate lifestyle – evaluate overall and individual health and health needs. Changing the corporate culture of food choices and it’s relationship to health

Educating a healthier staff makes better time on the job and at home. Healthfully improving disease prevention, disease management.

Includes schools and government agencies.


How to integrate a healthful approach into your business perspective from labeling to ingredients , marketing, and a HealthfulMD product line. Healthier food production and product development with the target on the health, wellness, and disease prevention market.

Food provision producer -seal of approval , advice , review , consultant – how to make a healthier product , how to project a healthful image, what consumers are looking for and perceiving in health quotient of your product.


Evaluations and analysis, menu enhancement, and ingredient guide for optimal nutritional excellence. Marketing to health conscious clientele.

HealthfulMD seal of approval for best health choice. –

Guidance to develop nutritionally sound and vegan low fat and premium healthy options to improve and widen appeal to health conscious customers and those looking for restaurants that make their disease prevention and management easier while eating out.